OLIVIER / Zoomlion Road Washer (ZLJ5163GQX) (EQ1168G7DJ)

OLIVIER / Zoomlion Road washer Model ZLJ5163GQX is low pressure washing equipment, mainly used in washing the city roads, squares, highways, bridges, big warehouses, ports and wharfs, suitable for spraying for dust-setting, air-wetting and watering trees with a long range projection giant. High efficiency and large washing width with double grade self-sucking centrifuge water pump. The water tank was treated by advanced alloyed anti-rust process, no corrosive, can be used in transporting water for daily life.


Technical data
Chassis model
Engine model
Max. traveling speed (km/h)
Max. pressure of water pump (MPa)
Max. flow rate of water pump
Effective water tank volume (m³)
Overall dimension (mm)
Transportation method

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