Years ago - OLIVIER in history

Over a decade ago, OLIVIER AG of Switzerland was borne and engaged in the production of industrial machineries to produce petro-chemical products such as containers, toys and etc.

Several years later, Mr. Thomas Spruck, has acquired this venture and later with a different ambitious dreams has changed the direction of OLIVIER AG and grow into the construction industry.

Since Mr. Spruck and his partner Mr. Zeljko Tomicic have detected the demanding market of a constantly expanding construction industry they therefore focused on the notion of producing, supplying and distributing heavy construction equipments that can be manufactured and delivered within reasonable lead time and costs.

He started looking outside the box in creating a team that can fulfill this gap. His vision was broad and accurate. He has teamed up with Geiger International to create partnership with some of the major manufacturer of heavy construction machineries.

OLIVIER AG has then successfully created partnership with two of world top manufacturers of heavy construction equipments namely Zoomlion and XCMG .

Due to Mr. Spruck's long term business relationships with Mr. Michael Shadman and Ms. Mahnaz Khazen, a real estate developer and a financial specialist in USA, OLIVIER America was founded.

OLIVIER America has grown in to a strong partnership with joint efforts of Mr. Shadman and his highly experienced partners, Ms. Khazen, Mr. Parvarandeh, Dr. Taba, Mr. Willard and Mr. Soucy. Since the partners in OLIVIER America have shared the same vision as Mr. Spruck a solid partnership was created and therefore the members of OLIVIER AG and OLIVIER America have jointly took the company to the next level and founded OLIVIER GROUP.

Soon after this partnership OLIVIER Saudi Arabia , OLIVIER Mexico , OLIVIER Chile , OLIVIER Nigeria and several other locations were established.

Today, OLIVIER GROUP , under direct leadership of Mr. Spruck has grown to be a global company with many offices around the world.

Our network of OLIVIER companies enables us to create a unique and first class sale and service to our customers and end users. Our attention to our customer's needs and shared experiences of OLIVIER network surpasses our competition. Our Group of companies is rapidly expanding in most major countries in the world.