OLIVIER / Zoomlion Waste Compacting Station (YJS200)

OLIVIER / Zoomlion YJS200 Horizontal refuse compacting and transporting station complete equipment is our company’s latest product, which is developed according to the particular condition of domestic environmental sanitation equipment an acquiring the advance technique and craft of waste treatment at home and abroad. It is mainly used in collecting, transporting and compacting domestic waste and solid waste in residential area, industrial zone, administration, college and academy. The complete equipment adopts horizontal compacting technology to compact the collected loose domestic waste and reduce its volume by discharging  the sewage and gas in the refuse. The refuse was directly pushed into a sealed refuse container and transported to a landfill by hook lift truck. Its big intake is suit for dumping refuse by manual flat bed trailer, tri-wheel trailer, small tipper, etc. The bucket tipping device or bin tipping device is optional for mechanical dumping. The station has great refuse treatment capacity reaching 170 m³/h; at the same time, it prevent the secondary pollution during the compression and transfer. It is mainly used in refuse collection and transfer in large residential area and environmental sanitary system. The equipment features small area, low use-cost, no pollution, low noise, simple operation and big capacity factor.

Hopper loading refuse at low height so that easy for refuse dumping.
Frameless hopper is strong, nice shape.
Unique hopper unloading device, unloading door open and shut controlled by cab. 
Unique sealed back-door device prevent secondary pollution of water seeping.


Technical data
Station max. treating capacity 60 t/d (7 h/d)
Treatment mode / Compacting mode compact loading / horizontal compression
Transport mode ZLJ5160 carriage disassemble truck
Waste collecting mode manpower tricycle, light self-unloading truck

Overall dimension (horizontal compactor) (mm)

3,560 x 3,220 x 3,220 (rear loading) 

3,050 x 3,602 x 3,220 (side loading)

Power  (kW) / Electicity (v) 11 / 380
Treating capacity (m³/h) 170
Max. compression power (kN) 300
Compression ratio 2.5:1
Dumping height (mm) 1,000
System working pressure (Mpa) 18
Compression carriage vol. (m³) 2.1 
Dumping entry 1,400 x 1,760
Loading capacity (Rubbish carriage assembling) (m³) 14.7
Transportation method  
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