OLIVIER / Zoomlion Road Washer (ZLJ5150GYH)

OLIVIER / Zoomlion Road washer Model ZLJ5150GYH integrated high-pressure dredging and vaccum sewage suction together an can be used in many situations.


Technical data
Chassis model Dongfeng chassis 8t
Engine model Cummins engine 4BT-77
Max. travelling speed (km/h) 90
Max. pressure of water pump (Mpa) 19
Max. flow rate of water pump (L/min) 212
Effective water tank volume (m³) 3
Diameter of high-pressure pipe (mm) Ø25
Max. flow rate of vacuum pump (m³/h) 1,560
Overall dimension (mm) 8,040 x 2,490 x 3,390
Transportation method  

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